The Cox Family

Welcome! Our parish is a multi-ethnic community made up of Americans, Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians, and Slavs. Some of us are converts from other religions or no religion at all and some of us have been Orthodox our whole life. All of us are here because we want to be. Orthodox Christianity is both the faith and the practices Jesus gave to the Apostles, and Orthodoxy is alive today. We invite you to join us as we worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our services are in English and visitors are always welcome.

UPDATE! We have purchased a building at 736 Sheppard Ave in Norfolk. We are very pleased and excited about our new home. Especially that we will have more room for new people! The last service at our current location on Bayview Blvd. will be Thursday, March 30th. The first service at our new location will be Saturday, April 1. All services thereafter will be at 736 Sheppard Ave.

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Book Study

On Saturday evenings, beginning February 11th, we will be reading together through the book Bread & Water, Wine & Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God. This study is intended to accompany our Orthodoxy 101 class from the Autumn. The format of the class will be question/answer and discussion,  and is open to everyone.

We Are Moving!

On 17 August 2016, Dormition of the Theotokos Orthodox Church officially purchased the building and property at 736 Sheppard Avenue in Norfolk. We are very excited for this transition into a larger space and excited that we will have more room to welcome new people into our community. We received our Certificate of Occupancy on March … Continue reading We Are Moving!

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