Welcome! Our parish is a multi-ethnic community made up of Americans, Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians, and Slavs. Some of us are converts from other religions or no religion at all and some of us have been Orthodox our whole life. All of us are here because we want to be. Orthodox Christianity is both the faith and the practices Jesus gave to the Apostles, and Orthodoxy is alive today. We invite you to join us as we worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our services are in English and visitors are always welcome.

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The Advent Fast

From November 15th until Christmas day Orthodox Christians keep a fast, similar to the Advent Fast western Christians used to keep, in preparation to receive the newborn Christ. This year, on Wednesday evenings during Advent we will be doing a short prayer service after which Fr. John will tell a story, over hot cider, from the life of … Continue reading The Advent Fast

Prayer Requests

To be a Christian is to be a person who prays not only for his own needs but for others. If you have a need or concern that you would like us to pray for please send us an email at the address below. All requests are treated confidentially. They are only shared among those … Continue reading Prayer Requests

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